Arizona Fair Elections Initiative

The Arizona Fair Elections Act will protect your freedom and safeguard our elections.

The Arizona Fair Elections Act will take down barriers to voting for all Arizona citizens, make the vote-by-mail list permanent again, reduce the influence of money on our elections and bar legislators from overriding election results. Learn more.

We are now collecting signatures to put this citizen initiative on the ballot in the November 2022 general elections.

Why is this necessary?

Right-wing extremists in the Arizona legislature are putting up dozens of new barriers to voting for Arizona citizens. They’re even trying to eliminate our popular and bipartisan Vote-by-Mail and most in-person early voting.

Fortunately, we here in Arizona have a Constitutional right to legislate by citizen initiative, and we are using that right to stop them and safeguard our most fundamental freedom, the right to vote, through the ARIZONA FAIR ELECTIONS ACT.

The right to be represented is what makes us a democracy, not a dictatorship. These extremists keep putting more and more barriers in front of Arizona citizens who are just trying to exercise their right to vote. They even want to make it legal for the legislature to overturn election results! They repeatedly ignore the will of the people, and they are suppressing the vote to avoid accountability for their actions. It’s un-American, and it’s morally wrong.

That is why we have to put the Arizona Fair Elections Act on the ballot and vote in November. Help us remove barriers to voting for Arizona Citizens and protect our democracy and our freedom!

What can I do?

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About Us

Arizonans for Fair Elections is an unprecedented coalition of state and local organizations, community groups and volunteers,working together to protect our democracy!

Arizonans for Fair Elections (ADRC Action) is a coalition that has filed with the Arizona Secretary of State to place the Arizona Fair Elections Act on the November 2022 ballot. Arizona Deserves Better, which co-wrote the Initiative, was responsible for organizing volunteers to circulate petitions.

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