The Arizona Fair Elections Act

CLICK HERE to view or download the complete initiative. NOTE: Many parts of this initiative are edits to, or deletions from, existing laws. We are required to include the entire law being edited. Deletions are marked as strikethrough and insertions are marked in ALL CAPS.

Removes Barriers to Voting and Ensures Equal Access

  • Protects your right to vote by mail. Protects your right to stay on the permanent early voting list. Right now, you can be removed if you miss a few elections.
  • Protects voting access for Tribal voters and voters with disabilities. Requires Tribal input on the location and hours of polling places. Protects voters with disabilities by ensuring access to a variety of voting methods, including curbside.
  • Gives people more time and options for voting. Extends in-person early voting through the day before election day. Allows voters to vote at any polling location in their county.
  • Makes voter registration more accessible and accurate. Automatically updates your registration when you sign up for a driver’s license or state ID or when you change your address at the MVD. Allows people to register at a polling place on Election Day, before they cast their ballot.
  • Protects voters rights to receive needed assitance. Restores voters’ rights to entrust someone to deliver their signed and sealed ballot. Restores people’s rights to provide food and hydration to voters waiting in line.

Safeguards Elections Against Partisan Interference

  • Prevents the state legislature from overturning presidential election results. Ensures that the voters decide who wins elections.
  • Keeps your ballot private. Guards against ballots and other election materials being turned over to unaccountable outside entities for improper uses.
  • Safeguards voters’ right to pass our own laws. Prevents opponents of citizen-led initiatives from abusing minor technicalities to try to disqualify petition signatures.

Fights Corruption and Promotes Better Representation

  • Prohibits lobbyists from giving certain gifts to politicians, including paying for lawmakers’ travel and expensive meals.
  • Lowers contribution limits. Reduces the amounts that any one individual or PAC may contribute to candidates.
  • Makes “Clean Elections” candidates more able to compete. Increases funding for candidates who agree to not take corporate funding or large private contributions.

Fully Paid For

  • Increases the lobbyist registration fee from $25 to $50.
  • Increases the minimum income tax for large businesses from $50 to $150.
  • Restores the $5 voluntary tax donations to Clean Elections.